Ny! Nor850 v2.3

Norsonic is releasing the version 2.3 of the Nor850 software. This is a general bugfix release, but with a couple of additional features and improvements. An extensive upgraded Instruction Manual is also available.

New features:

  • Up to six DC-inputs sensors may be connected as an ‘external’ channel and logged automatically in parallel with the ongoing measurements. Hence, sensors for environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure may be connected to the Nor850 system.
  • By connecting one of the DC-inputs to an RPM sensor, sound power measurements with calculation of the sound power level as a function of RPM are possible.
  • For customers with multiple users, the license system is now available as a ‘floating license’ as long as all PC’s are connected to internet. This ‘floating license’ must be ordered separately.
  • A ‘tool-tip’ feature showing the actual source name in a multi-spectrum graph.
  • Impact level measurement using the Impact Ball feature is available.

The new version has the full name 2.3.0707 and it is available for downloading from our Norsonic.com/release site.