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  • Rom akustikk med STIPA
  • Miljøstøy - alene eller med NorCloud
  • Støyovervåking
  • Støy på arbeidsplassen
  • Støy fra produkter
  • Målekanal for Nor850
  • Infralyd
  • Ultrasound


  • Enkel tilkobling via innebygd WLAN og 3G / 4G LTE-modem
  • Stor farge touch-skjerm (4.3″)
  • Intuitivt brukergrensesnitt
  • Enkel å bruke




  • Presisjon støymåler og frekvensanalysator iht. klasse 1.
  • Intuitivt brukergrensesnitt med grafiske ikoner for valg av målemodus og egendefinerte brukeroppsett. Markører redigeres direkte på touch-skjermen.
  • Stor farge touch-skjerm (4.3″).
  • Fjernstyr støymåleren fra din smarttelefon eller nettbrett via NorVirtual App.
  • Enkel tilkobling via innebygd WLAN og 3G / 4G LTE-modem.
  • Innebygd webserver.
  • Kommentar/tekst notater, innebygd GPS.
  • Bredt frekvensområde (0,4 Hz – 40 kHz i 1/3 oktav band filter).
  • 120 dB dynamikkområde.


  • ISO 717-1, ISO 717-2, ISO 10140-2, ISO 10140-3, ISO 10140-4, ISO 16283-1, ISO 16283-2, ISO 16283-3, ISO 354, ISO 3382-2, ISO 10052, ISO 1996-1, ISO 1996-2
  • IEC 61260-1, IEC 61260-2, IEC 61260-3, IEC 61672-1, IEC 61672-2, IEC 61672-3
  • EN 61010-1
  • ASTM E1007-21, ASTM C423-23, ASTM E336-23, ASTM E413-22, ASTM E90-9
  • ANSI S1.4, ANSI S1.11
  • DIN 45657, DIN 4109-4, TA-Lärm
  • BS EN ISO 16283-1, BS EN ISO 16283-2, BS EN ISO 16283-3
  • NS 4814, NS 4815, NS 8176
  • SS 25267
  • SIA 18




Nor145 kan brukes i mange mulighet applikasjoner.







Nor145 is designed to be the preferred tool for all types of environmental noise measurements.

Measurements with markers, audio recordings and event triggered pictures are easily made and synced to your project via the NorRemote app for your phone or tablet (android). The large 4.3” display gives you all the necessary information. Up to 60 measurement parameters may be logged simultaneously.

The advanced trigger system enables different trigger levels for Day, Evening or Night with event triggers to collect markers, audio recordings and pictures. The data can be displayed remotely in a web browser on any device, or by the NorRemote app. From the same remote device, you may change settings or simply check the status of your Nor145.

Nor145 is also optimised for use with Norsonic NorCloud, Norsonics’ cloud service for noise measurement, control and reporting, all easy connected over the internal 4G modem.


  • Twin time profiles with resolution from 5 ms and additional Moving report with trigger possibility.
  • Extensive trigger system for reports, audio recording, camera and digital output lines.
  • Voice, text and picture notes.
  • 5 independent event triggers (LDEN support)
  • Automatic detection of impulsive noise (ISO/PAS 1996-3:2022).
  • Advanced marker management.
  • Full remote-control support via NorVirtual app for smartphones.
  • Seamless connection to NorCloud for unattended monitoring and reporting.
  • 0-20 sec graphical back erase / pause function.
  • 0-120 sec Audio pre-trigger.
  • Seamless integration to post-processing programs and Excel.
  • API interface for system integrators.

General analyser (environmental) mode has a selection of different display views. Portrait and Landscape. All Portrait views can either be a single or dual type frame.

Available views in Environmental / General mode are:











FFT – Displays the FFT spectra

FFT – Displays the FFT spectra

FFT (landscape) Displays the FFT spectra as landscape

FFT (landscape) Displays the FFT spectra as landscape











Level vs frequency (L/f) display single view – portrait

Level vs frequency (L/f) display single view – portrait

Level vs frequency (L/f) display single view – landscape

Level vs frequency (L/f) display single view – landscape












Level vs time (L/t) display single view – portrait

Level vs time (L/t) display single view – portrait

Level vs time (L/t) display single view – landscape

Level vs time (L/t) display single view – landscape











A numerical table is associated with all the graphical views – just press the TAB button to toggle between graphical and numerical view. Works both with single and split screen.

Cumulative and Probability Distribution Function /PDF) – landscape view

Cumulative and Probability Distribution Function /PDF) – landscape view

Cumulative and Probability Distribution Function /PDF) – portrait view

Cumulative and Probability Distribution Function /PDF) – portrait view











Split view with FFT and 1/3 octave. The link cursor feature connects the cursor in FFT and 1/3 octave displays, making it easy to manoeuvre in the frequency domain

Dual view with L/t and L/f – split view

Dual view with L/t and L/f – split view














FFT – Displays the FFT spectra

FFT – Displays the FFT spectra

FFT (landscape) Displays the FFT spectra as landscape

FFT (landscape) Displays the FFT spectra as landscape











Graphical back erase in Pause mode. Move cursor to remove unwanted noise events and push continue to resume measurement.

























Norsonic is known for its long-time tradition of creating the state-of-the art building acoustic analysers. The Nor145 sound level meter is no exception!

It can be used as a stand-alone single channel building acoustic analyser, or as a remotely controlled building acoustic frontend (wireless) for the advanced Nor850 multichannel software thru its hotspot feature.

The Nor145 offers a built-in signal generator for excitation of the source room level measurements or for excitation of the reverberation time measurements. The results are measured in accordance with the ISO 16283 Standard requirements. With additional background level measurement results, the Nor145 offers a on-board calculation of the final airborne sound insulation indices DnT and Rw in accordance with ISO 717. Of course, the similar possibility is available for impact sound insulation index Ln,w using a tapping machine such as the Nor277.

The reverberation time excitation may alternatively be based on an impulsive source. In any case, the Nor145 calculates the results for T15, T20 and T30 in parallel.

The Nor145 analyser is seamless integrated with the Nor850 software; either as a remote frontend to the Nor850 Measurement System, or for easy post processing in the Nor850 Reporting System.


  • Complete calculation of airborne, façade and impact sound insulation indices in accordance with international and national standards.
  • Wireless single or dual channel measurements using one or two Nor145 controlled from Nor850.
  • Wireless control of the battery-operated power amplifier Nor282.
  • Reverberation time measurements with parallel calculation of T15, T20, T30, Tmax and EDT.
  • Ensemble averaging of reverberation decays.
  • Backward integration of reverberation decays based on impulse excitation.
  • User adjustment of individual RT decay lines.
  • Signal generator with white, pink or bandpass filtered noise.
  • Supports multiple microphone and loudspeaker positions with corresponding on-board energetic or arithmetic averaging.
  • Project overview with information about all individual measurement details and project progressSeamless integration with Nor850 reporting software.

Building acoustics mode offers application tailored displays to secure a good work flow and control in your project.

Building Acoustics- Upper frame shows Receiving room level with background noise. Running L/t in lower frame to evaluate if unwanted noise appears in the measurement.

Building acoustic – rating view 1, calculated sound insulation together with the single number index.

Building acoustic – rating view 2, numerical table to present the single number index along with the spectrum adaption terms.

Building acoustic – rating view 3, all numerical results of the analysis plus a level overview graph.

Building acoustic – rating view 4, background noise vs. receiving room levels.













Building acoustic – rating view, The # softkey toggles through specific source positions.

Building acoustic – rating view, R’w rating.












Building acoustic – RT view.

Two sample pictures out of several views offered for RT measurements.

Building acoustic – manual adaption of RT time is possible.







STI kalkulasjoner basert på STIPA metoden

  • The STI mode supports the latest revision of the STIPA standard, IEC 60268-16 revision 5.
  • Additional features are background noise correction and auditory correction.
  • Background noise correction can be turned on/off.
  • Auditory correction gives a lower score on the STI value if the STIPA noise signal is too loud or too low. It shall normally be turned on, but the latest revision of the standard recommends it to be possible to turn it off in some special circumstances.
  • The built-in signal generator generates the STIPA signal.
  • A complete measurement sequence takes only 21 seconds.

STIPA mode is easy and intuitive to use. The display is composed of a fixed view with two frames. The upper shows each frequency band, while the lower shows the measured values including a bar graph.

STIPA – By selecting the lower part of the display and pressing the TBL button, the two modulation indexes for each of the STIPA-octaves will be displayed.



Nor145 basis inkluderer A, C og Z veienettverk med måling av Leq, LeqI, LE – lydeksponeringsnivå, SPL, Lmax, Lmin med parallell deteksjon av Fast, Slow og Impuls tidskonstanter og statistisk beregning av Ln. Måleresultatene analyseres som globale verdier i tillegg til to parallelle tidsprofiler med en justerbar oppløsning. Den varierer fra 5 millisekunder til 24 timer. Stemme og tekst merking er inkludert.

Opsjons pakker

Nor145 Advanced Level option kit (f.eks. for ENV) inkl. følgende opsjoner 3, 4, 11, 12.

Nor145 Building Acoustic option kit inkl. følgende opsjoner 3, 7, 8, 9.

Nor145 Consultant package option kit inkl. følgende opsjoner 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13.

Opsjon 1: GPS og support for eksternt IP kamera


GPS brukes for posisjon og nøyaktig tidssynkronisering. Tidssynkronisering er spesielt nyttig når flere Nor145 enheter brukes for å måle den samme støy-hendelsen, f.eks. ved overvåking av en eksplosjon. GPS-posisjonen er lagret som en del av målefilen. Det kan også angis å være en del av filnavnet.

Med et eksternt IP-kamera kan du lage hendelsesbaserte bilder. Bilder tatt under en måling er merket som hendelser i L/t grafen og kan vises i Nor145, i NorCloud eller i NorReview.

Denne opsjonen kan ikke ettermonteres og må derfor bestilles sammen med instrumentet.

Opsjon 3: 1/1 og 1/3 oktav band filter


1/3 oktav filtrene dekker alle frekvenser fra 0,4 Hz til 20 kHz (0,125 Hz – 16 kHz i 1/1 oktav filter).

En 3. ordens analogt høypassfilter med et -3 dB punkt ved 3 Hz kan velges for å unngå overstyring av inngangen fra lavfrekvent støy.

Opsjon 4: Lydopptak og markører


Denne opsjonen gir muligheter for lydopptak og markører i Nor145 støymåleren. Det er også mulig å høre på lydopptak via høretelefoner.

Opsjon 4 gir mulighet for en enkel og sofistikert håndtering av markører som er uunnværlig for støyovervåking. Brukeren kan velge opptil 10 markører, gi dem navn, farge og assosiere markøren til å utføre en handling. Markøren kan enten være singel eller toggel. Handlingen kan være å sette opp en referansetone, starte et lydopptak, ta et bilde eller sette en av de digitale utgangene som finnes på 15-pins kontakten. Det er enkelt å legge til markører mens en måling pågår. Notater kan på samme måte legges til under måling. Markørene kan flyttes eller slettes. De kan også legges til etter at en måling er avsluttet.

Nor145 tilbyr seks systemmarkører som blir automatisk satt inn i Nivå vs tid målinger. Disse markørene er pause, fortsett (“continue” ), måling fortsetter, lydopptak, bilde (fra IP kamera), signal overstyring, lavt batteri og hendelsesutløst markør.

Nor145 er sømløst integrert med NorReview programvare for videre evaluering og beregning av støydataene, og for å lage skreddersydde rapporter.


  • Lydopptak med 12 eller 48 kHz sampling rate
  • 8, 16 eller 24 bit oppløsning
  • 0 til 60 dB digital audio forsterkning av lyden
  • 0 til 120 sekunder lydopptak før triggebetingelse er oppfylt
  • Innovativt system for å sette markører

Opsjon 7: Støygenerator


Støygenerator med sinus, hvit, rosa og båndpassfiltrert støy.

Opsjon 8: Etterklangstid kurve og beregning av T20 og T30


Etterklangstid kurve og beregning av T20 og T30 basert på impuls eller støy eksitasjon. Krever opsjon 3.

Opsjon 7 kreves i tillegg hvis etterklangstiden skal baseres på støyeksitasjon).

Opsjon 9: Komplett bygningsakustikkmodul


Komplett Bygningsakustikkmodul med midling av mikrofonposisjoner iht. ISO-16283 så vel som lydreduksjonsindekser beregnet iht ISO-717/1 og /2.

Krever opsjonene 3, 7, 8.

Opsjon 11: Intern webserver med utvidede muligheter


Utvidelse med intern web server med NorRemote for fjernkontroll via smarttelefon, lesebrett eller PC. I tillegg fire triggere som kan settes uavhengig av hverandre ila. en dag.

Krever opsjon 4.

Opsjon 12: NorCloud skybasert støyovervåking


Med denne opsjonen kan man koble instrumentet til Norsonics skybaserte støyovervåking – NorCloud.

Option 13: FFT


Fungerer parallelt med 1/1- eller 1/3-oktav analyse.

Split view with FFT and 1/3 octave. The link cursor feature connects the cursor in FFT and 1/3 octave displays, making it easy to manoeuvre in the frequency domain.

Osjon 14: Ultralyd


Ultralyd opsjon inkludert 1/3 oktav band filter til 40 KHz, 1/1 oktov til 31.5 KHz og AU network.

Krever oppsjon 5.

Opsjon 16: Innebygd WLAN og LTE modem (Edge – 4G)


Denne opsjonen kan ikke ettermonteres og må derfor bestilles sammen med instrumentet.

Norsonic kan levere SIM-kort med høyere sikkerhet. Pris på forespørsel.

Opsjon 17: STI-beregninger basert på STIPA-metoden

  • STI-modusen støtter den siste revisjonen av STIPA-standarden, IEC 60268-16 revisjon 5.
  • Andre funksjoner er korreksjon av bakgrunnsstøy og auditiv korreksjon.
  • Bakgrunnsstøykorreksjon kan slås av/på.
  • Auditiv korreksjon gir en lavere STI -verdi hvis STIPA -støysignalet er høyt eller lavt, noe som samsvaret med hvordan hørselen fungerer. Korreksjonen skal normalt være slått på, men den siste revisjonen av standarden anbefaler at den bør slås av under spesielle omstendigheter.
  • Den innebygde signalgeneratoren genererer STIPA-signalet.
  • En komplett målesekvens tar bare 21 sekunder.

Enkel og intuitiv å bruke. Skjermen består av en fast visning med to rammer. Den øvre viser hvert frekvensbånd, mens den nedre viser måleverdiene inkludert et stolpediagram.

Ved å velge den nedre delen av displayet og trykke på TBL-knappen, vil de to moduleringsindeksene for hver av STIPA-oktavene vises.



Nor145 støymåler leveres med ½” forforsterker Nor1209 og ½” målemikrofon Nor1227.

Den er i samsvar med den siste revisjonen av følgende nasjonale og internasjonale standard inkludert endringer, alle type 1 / klasse 1; IEC 61672, IEC 61260, DIN 45657, ANSI S1.4, ANSIS1.11 og ANSI S1.43. Den er også i samsvar med de foreldede lydnivåmålerstandardene IEC 60651 og IEC 60804.

Measured Parameters

Simultaneous measurement of SPL, Leq, LeqI, LMax, LMin, LE, LEI, LPeak, Ln and Tmax5.
Time weighting functions: Fast, Slow and Impulse (Simultaneous).
Spectral weighting functions: A, C and Z – weighting (Simultaneous).
Frequency analysis: 1/1 and 1/3 octave real time filters from 0,4 Hz to 20 kHz.
Statistical calculations: 8 individual adjustable percentiles from L0,1% to L99,9%, The statistical calculations are performed in real time within each frequency band and for each profile period if period length is set longer than 2 minutes. Class width is 0,2 dB. Dynamic range is 130dB.

Measurement control

Overall measurement duration: 1 sec – 7 days. (If set to Repeat or Synchro mode a new measurement will be started automatically, with no time gap between each measurement).
Time profile A resolution: 5 ms – 24 hours including full frequency spectra. From 1 sec if profile B or Moving is enabled.
Time profile B and Moving resolution: 1 s – 24 hours. A, C and Z – no frequency spectra.
Back erase in Pause mode: 0-20 sec free delectable graphical back erase.

Audio recording

12 and 48 kHz sampling rate / 8 , 16 and 24 bits / 0-120 sec pre-trigger.

Measurement range

One range covering 120dB without any range adjustments.
Self noise measured with 1/2” microphone with a nominal sensitivity of 50mv/Pa: 17 dBA.
Maximum RMS level 137 dBA, Maximum Peak level 140 dB PeakC.

Noise Generator

Built in noise generator with Sine, White, Pink and 1/1 and 1/3 octave band passed filtered noise.

Reverberation Time

Parallel calculation of T15, T20 and T30 in addition to Tmax for Noise excitation and EDT for impulse excitation.


Sampling rate: 48 kHz.
Frequency resolution: 1.46 Hz or 2.92 Hz (FFT size 8192 or 16384 lines).
Upper frequency: 22 kHz
Functions: Auto spectrum, linear averaging.
Acquisition rate: ~700 ms – no overlap.
Display: Dynamic display zoom 1 – to 64 in power-of-two steps.
Time windowing: Hanning


4,3″ colour display capacitive touch. Protected by an anti-smudge coated and scratch-proof glass.


Built in GPS
Support for external IP camera. With an external IP camera, you can make event triggered pictures. Pictures captured during a measurement is marked as events in the L/t graph and can be viewed on the Nor145, in NorCloud or  NorReview.

Datastorage / Datatransfer

Storage modes: Manual, Auto, Repeat and Synchro. Synchro synchronise the start of the next measurement to the next full hour.
Internal memory: 350 MB – not used for measurement storage.
Micro SD card: Supports XC and HC standard. No limitation in max. SD card size.
Data transfer via LAN and USB.
Optionally built in GPRS – 3G/UMTS – 4G/LTE and Wifi infrastructure and hotspot.
Internal antenna supports 3G/4G. External antennas with diversity may be connected. External antenna supports also GPRS connection.


Microphone input: One microphone input. Supports standard 7 pin Lemo preamplifiers including SysCheck, Microphone heating, TEDS and IEPE.
Polarization voltage: 0
Preamplifier voltage:  ± 15V.
Comment microphone: Via 3,5 pin mini jack.

Analogue outputs

AC out, 100mV full scale on 15 pin I/O socket.
3 pin mini jack headphone socket for replay of voice notes, listen to microphone AC signal or replay of audio recordings. Comment microphone for voice notes is connected to same plug.
Signal generator on 15 pin I/O socket with Pink, White, Bandpass filtered, sine and impulse noise.


Rechargeable 7 Ah Li-Ion batteries with built in fuel gauge.
External power: 9 – 15Vdc 3-5Watt.
Typical battery lifetime: 8 hours.

Dimensons & weight

Dimensions: 235 x 82 x 29 mm (ex. preamplifier and microphone LxWxH)
Weight : 535 g (including preamplifier and microphone)

Accessories included (standard package)

Nor145, Precision Sound Analyser with A, C and Z weighting networks, Parallel time constants, Statistical calculation and time profiles.

Supplied with:




Product range catalogue

  • Product range catalogue -

    Norsonic_productrange_catalogue_web.pdf (9762.29KB)


  • NorConnect - 3.0.191212 (0.08GB)
  • NorConnect - 5.0.240124 (0.11GB)
    Released 26/02/2024

    Important notice for Nor850 users!
    Please note that you must upgrade to Nor850 V3.0.210212 or newer together with this version of NorConnect.

    This version of NorConnect is NOT compatible with Nor850 V2!


Nor1026 NorReview

  • NorReview Nor1026 – v 5.2.38 - 5.2.38 (0.07GB)
    Released 08/03/2019
  • NorReview – v 6.3.49 - 6.3.49 (0.1GB)
    Released 22/12/2022
  • NorReview 6.4.23 - 6.4.23 (0.07GB)
    Released 26/01/2024


  • NorVirtual - 5.0.240212 (0.03GB)
    Released 26/02/2024


  • NorAcal v1.0.6 - v1.0.6 (0.02GB)
    Released 15/03/2018
Instrument software

Instrument software Nor145

  • Chinese fonts -

    chinesefonts.145 (0.02GB)

    Chinese fonts must be installed separately if needed.

  • Nor145 Service pack - 4.0.10

    SP_4.0.10.145 (0.03GB)
    Released 20/04/2021

    Copy file to root folder on the SD card. See Installing Nor145 version above.

    This service pack is required for Nor145 application 4.0.4707.

  • Nor145 application - 4.0.4707

    App_4.0.4707.145 (0.01GB)
    Released 07/11/2022

    Copy file to root folder on the SD card. See Installing Nor145 version above.

  • Nor145 Service pack - 5.0.14

    SP_5.0.14.145 (0.03GB)
    Released 26/02/2024

    Copy file to root folder on the SD card. See Installing Nor145 version above.

    This service pack is required for Nor145 application 5.0.3812

    NOTE! You have to upgrade your NorConnect software to v. 5.0.240124.

  • Nor145 application - 5.0.3812

    App_5.0.3812.145 (0.02GB)
    Released 26/02/2024

    Copy file to root folder on the SD card. See Installing Nor145 version above.

    Contact distributor regarding price for V5.

  • Installing Nor145 version -

    Note-installing-Nor145-version.txt (0.28KB)

    Installing Nor145 version:
    Copy Service pack and application package to the SD card.

    If a new license is needed: Copy License.txt to the same SD card.
    Insert the SD card in your Nor145 instrument and power the instrument.
    Follow the instructions in the installation process.


    Please note! Instruments sold in France, Austria, Germany, Spain and Switzerland is subjected to use pattern evaluated software only. Users in these countries are requested to contact their local Norsonic representative to get the current type approved version.

    Achtung! In Deutschland, Österreich, Spanien und der Schweiz unterliegen Schallmessgeräte einer Bauartzulassung / Baumusterprüfung. Die Firmware des Messgerätes ist Bestandteil dieser Bauartzulassung. Führen Sie daher bitte selber kein Firmware-Update durch, sondern wenden sich bei Interesse / Fragen an Ihren lokalen Norsonic-Vertreter!

    Attention ! Les instruments vendus en France, Suisse, Allemagne, Autriche et Espagne doivent être configurés exclusivement avec le logiciel homologué. Dans ces pays, les utilisateurs sont priés de contacter leur représentant local Norsonic pour obtenir la version actuelle approuvée.

    Por favor, tenga en cuenta que los instrumentos vendidos en España, Austria, Alemania y Suiza deben usarse exclusivamente con el software evaluado en el examen de modelo. Se sugiere a los usuarios de estos países que contacten con los distribuidores locales para obtener la versión aprobada en la actualidad.

Type approvals

Type approvals Nor145

  • Type approval PTB - Germany -

    PTB-type-approval-Nor145-October-2021.pdf (1464.79KB)
  • Type approval LNE - France -

    LNE-37403-rev.-0-du-12-fevrier-2021-NOR145.pdf (1595.38KB)
  • Type approval BEV – Austria - Beilage 1 zu GZ BEV-2022-0.582.186, revision 2

    NOR-145-Beilage-1-02-Anderung.pdf (410.24KB)
    Released 06/07/2023
  • Type approval METAS – Switzerland -

    METAS_Zulassungszertifikat-CH-A3-19108-02_Nor145_Juni-2021.pdf (439.43KB)
  • Type approval IPQ – Portugal -

    Model_Approval_Nor145_Portugal.pdf (466.35KB)
  • Type approval CMI – Czech Republic -

    Nor145-Type-approval-Czech.pdf (234.88KB)

Certificates Nor145

  • Declaration of Conformity Nor145 -

    DOC_Nor145-sound-analyser.pdf (36.59KB)
  • Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity 47 CFR § 2.1077 Compliance Information -

    Suppliers-Declaration-of-Conformity_Nor145.pdf (33.37KB)
  • UN38.3 Transports of Dangerous Goods Test Report Nor145 -

    UN38.3-test-Report-Shipping_2018-013_Nor145.pdf (923.1KB)


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